Update / Software-Aktualisierung

Um dein Display auf den neusten Stand abzudaten brauchst du den CANcheckedUpdater für dein entsprechendes Betriebssystem.

Hier kannst du dir den CANcheckedUpdater für ein 64 Bit Windows herunterladen. Den CANcheckedUpdater für 32 Bit Windows kannst du hier herunterladen. Unter Windows 10 laufen beides Programme ohne Treiber. Für Windows 7 wird ein Treiber benötigt.

Den CANcheckedUpdater für Mac OSX findest du hier.

Bitte schließe die DSS bevor du das Update deines Displays startest!

Bei der Fehlermeldung „Permission denied for device…“ kann es helfen, den PC/Laptop neu zu starten und den Updater als Administrator auszuführen oder das Display von 12V trennen und am PC ab- und wieder anstecken.

Bevor du mit dem Update starten kannst, musst du dir die passende Firmware für dein Display herunterladen.


Für das Update wird ein Micro-USB Datenkabel verwendet. Ertönt kein Ton beim Anstecken, so nutzt man wahrscheinlich ein Ladekabel. Bei der Lieferung liegt immer ein passendes Kabel dabei.

Der USB Anschluss am Display ist sehr klein und empfindlich. Hier bitte höchste Sorgfalt walten lassen.

Sobald das Display angesteckt ist, er scheint es im Updater. Danach klickst du auf „Upload“ und wählst die Hex-Datei aus. Das Update startet automatisch. Währenddessen das Display nicht abstecken und das Programm durchlaufen lassen.

Changelog v4 (Gen2)


  • FIX: page save proces optimized (use DSS 0.023c)
  • ENHANCED: status rectangle is now status widget: with operator and show as circle
  • ENHANCED: vertical/horizontal bar with „bar“ option now possible in other direction (right2left, top2bottom)
  • ENHANCED: sensor widget – sensor name and max value font size/colour changeable
  • ENHANCED: can switch can now be round
  • ENHANCED: NTC is now double value


  • FIX: EVO X (Rax) protocol optimized
  • FIX: i30N tire pressure was not working anymore
  • FIX: optimized start procedure for 3.3v lane
  • ENHANCED: LOG button turns green on active


  • ENHANCED: added Volvo S60r protocol
  • FIX: constrain value to min/max on RPM bar
  • FIX: popuptime constrain to max 5s
  • FIX: OBD2 protocol bug fixes (Yaris)


  • ENHANCED: UDS protcol display dimming


  • ENHANCED: UDS/BMW protocol timeout changeable
  • ENHANCED: UDS disabled default can filter – use OBD or OFF
  • ENHANCED: UDS protocol timeout changeable – default 2
  • ENHANCED: added pressure icon (DSS v0.022a)
  • ENHANCED: vertical bar can now have an angle (DSS v0.022a)
  • ENHANCED: set „custom button“ to can switch
  • ENHANCED: added VEMS compatibility (Display v1.0a8)
  • ENHANCED: show log number on button left for 3s
  • ENHANCED: show green indicator in lower left corner, when logging is active
  • ENHANCED: fixed uC pins (internal)
  • ENHANCED: „export to display“ from DSS (0.022a) will also delete last sensors, when deleted
  • ENHANCED: splash screen 0s shows video, but does not stop at the end – use „OFF“ to deactivate splash
  • ENHANCED: vertical bar can now have bigger min value (moves the other direction)
  • ENHANCED: allowed M- TRX files in BMWF firmware for Mini applications
  • ADDED: panic mode (custom button) – set your individual code first, initial code is 0000
  • FIX: can switch notiy showed log number, when logging is also active
  • FIX: sensors >99 did not get correctly populated from DSS into display (use together with DSS v0.022a)
  • FIX: usertable resolution did not work
  • FIX: OBD2 signed 16bit values were not detected as signed
  • FIX: if widget sensor bigger total sensor count of TRI, the widget is not shown
  • FIX: UDS reads wrong because OBD hybrid mode
  • FIX: logging stopped when touch is used
  • FIX: gear widget triggered wrong sensor (only protocols)
  • FIX: shift light was inverted (left2reight/right2left)
  • FIX: status rectangle works in demo mode
  • FIX: YT diagram works again
  • FIX: Performance meter optimization
  • FIX: TP2 optimization – data stuck after swiping
  • FIX: BMWF – display dim value from outside brightness value
  • FIX: EMUv3 – corrected multi switch – use multiswitch states 1,2,3,4,5; or correct multiplier in can transmit to your needs (5000 divided by the multi states)
  • FIX: BMWF: canfilter optimized
  • FIX: sensor widget frame was missing, when widget warning is active
  • FIX: input for Page switch and brightness switch where not working as expected
  • FIX: can switches 3-8 in BMW firmware usable (1 and 2 reserved for exhaust flap)

4.007b (bugfix)

  • FIX: performance meter saved its data, when time and speed are „0“, leading to DSS loading difficulties
  • ENHANCED: added 8th gear (wait for next DSS release – for now use the display)
  • FIX: BMW M57 protocol optimised
  • FIX: UDS read/delete DTC got stuck
  • FIX: demo mode did not set min/max values
  • ENHANCED: when overlay value is set to „0“, the widget pulls the maxWarn of the sensor

4.007a (bugfix)

  • FIX: internal sensors in DSS show full values on TRX files


  • ENHANCED: when TRI/RX file is broken, display will stop after bootscreen, next reboot, it shows the TRI/TRX selection
  • ADDED: new font (7 segment) for „sensor value“ and „enumeration“
  • ADDED: multiplier for all values; when multiplier is 0, it’s set automatically to 1 (use with DSS v0.022)
  • ADDED: day and night mode for menu
  • ADDED: canmask and shift for OBD protocol
  • ADDED: KLINE integration (from PCB v1.0a8) use KLINE firmware hex
  • FIX: white screen after going into setup
  • FIX: uploading some files causes corrupted file in display
  • FIX: can transmit for 16bit sensor values was wrong
  • FIX: usertable calculation was wrong on some parts
  • FIX: RPMbar was only working for RPM (thanks Dmitry for pointing out)


  • ADDED: shift light direction changeable => setup => shiftlight => direction
  • ADDED: enumeration widget (use DSS 0.021)
  • ADDED: go to „Pages“ to make page editable on screen – default „locked“
  • ADDED: editable MinValue on graphical widgets on screen
  • ADDED: permanent CANchecked branding on the top left when sliding down (not removable, not changeable)
  • ADDED: can switches for UDS
  • ADDED: boost/PWM control for hardware v1.0a6
  • ADDED: remove logo*.bmp files via DSS for new start animation
  • ADDED: DSS can now delete logo*.bmp (start animation) as well as „erase flash“
  • ADDED: icon widgets (use DSS 0.021)
  • ADDED: permanent logging option (stays across reboots) – find under „Sensor init“ => „Permanent logging“; big popup will show up on start with current log number
  • ADDED: 29bit support for UDS
  • ENHANCED – UDS: do not request sensors with protocol header set to 0 (hybrid mode)
  • ENHANCED: sliding behaviour (slide up/down, brightness)
  • ENHANCED: show RS232 connection in „can bus“ menu, when RS232 is active
  • ENHANCED: added timeout value for TP2 firmware – when protocol got stuck please encrease and test again (default is 2)
  • ENHANCED: upload TRI/TRX file from DSS and load file afterwards with confirmation
  • ENHANCED: vertical bar can now go from top to bottom and can be a simple bar moving up/down (DSS 0.021)
  • ENHANCED: DSS hide pages instantly hides the page
  • ENHANCED: multiswitch uses last state when „default val“ is set to -1
  • ENHANCED: BMW F-Series ethanol input reading with MHD
  • ENHANCED: widget selection on display shows widget type
  • ENHANCED: colour gradient optimized for horizontal and vertical bar
  • ENHANCED: optimized touch bevaviour (less sensitive)
  • ENHANCED: force Haldex to lock when no RPM (Sensor Init) is found in Can Bus
  • ENHANCED: changed cantimer from 100 to 500ms timeout
  • FIX: change MaxValue on a widget without changing and just hit „ok“, produced wrong widget setting
  • FIX: performance meter „best time“ gets saved and you can reset your best times by tapping on the widget and use „Reset best“
  • FIX: default ecumaster EmuV3 can transmit was little endian – switched to big
  • FIX: optimized OBD protocol for sync frames
  • FIX: inverted display forced to OFF
  • FIX: frequency input now running stable (Ethanol, Turbospeed)
  • FIX: splash screen in horizontal2 was upside down
  • FIX: horizontal bar right2left was not working correctly
  • FIX: scroll tri/trx files through more than 166 files stopped
  • FIX: round meter reverse direction colour fixed


  • implemented Haldex sensor (Sensor Init) – set Haldex widget value to 255 and control the haldex through a can bus value 0-100 or use an analogue input with a X position knob
  • Sensor Widget: colour for name and max is also changed when main font colour is changed
  • ADDED: orientation horizontal2 (SD slot on top)
  • added can filter (predefined and not changeable on UDS, BMW, TP2)
  • when you are on OBD please set filter after update to „OBD2“
  • RefSensor/RefValue works now – set a Reference Sensor and a Reference Value on a sensor. When the reference value is exceeded plus the sensor where you set both, you can generate a warning
  • page switch with can bus sensor: create a sensor which sends the page (0-9), specify the sensor in „sensor init“ as „Page Switch“
  • increase from 64 sensors in one tri file to 128 sensors in total
  • ADDED: warning when try to load a TRI/TRX file name longer than 13 chars incl. file extension
  • ADDED: hybrid mode for protocol (UDS/TP2/OBD) + can bus stream data – todo: customize can filter in DSS
  • FIX: wrong 32bit (byte length 4) big endian readings
  • ADDED: support for frequency input – use RX (B5) and input 5V square wave signals. Display shows value in Herz – add calculations (initCalc) as needed. Filtering is „length“ – 0-249
  • FIX: DTC read/clear for TP2 again (error introduced with 4.003)
  • BMW F-Series exhaust flap back to auto works
  • BMW F-Series page switch with cruise control stalk
  • BMW F-Series flap control for B58
  • optimised TP2 protocol: sometimes stuck during data reading
  • CanSwitch activates instantly when changing on display touch
  • enlarged lower and upper buttons for better accessibility
  • FIX: display crashes when tapping on a picture
  • ADDED: 29bit UDS compatibility for data queries – adjust TRI file „header“ accordingly if needed
  • internal: increase EEPROM size to 3823 bytes
  • FIX: change G-Meter values to correct mapping (flipped lat and long)
  • FIX: load large log files from display caused display crash
  • ADDED: display dim with can bus input – add new can bus sensor for dim (0-255 where 255=full brightness), define „Dim Display“ => dim can bus sensor. Adjust „Setup“ => „Dim Sensitivity“; if not needed define „Dim Display“ as „NA“
  • ADDED ethanol / flex fuel sensor integration. Check: Ethanol / Flex Fuel
    ADDED: RPM/Speed/Dim sensor are always queried when using a protocol
  • ADDED: MQBevo support
  • ADDED: OBD 29bit support – please load O-OBD29-X.TRI file
  • ADDED: deactivate BMW F-Series page switch with cruise control when set „Sensor Init“ => „Page Switch“ to „RPM“ (dirty fix but works) – set „Page Switch“ to „N/A“ to activate function again


  • improved: changed overlay blink time (use DSS 0.019)
  • improved: removed GEAR widget – integrated into SENSOR widget (to show gear/mode as before: ‚gear mode‘ and ‚gear‘ specified, set ‚gear mode‘ as sensor)
  • bugfix: TRI/TRX files longer 14 chars cannot be selected
  • enhancement: deactivate protocol (TP2, UDS, OBD, BMW) under ‚SETUP‘ – ‚CAN BUS‘
  • enable „Demo Mode“ from DSS – still needs to implemented in DSS
  • bugfix: momentary switch popup „OFF“ was wrong
  • new RPMgauge widget (only one per view!)
  • bugfix: BMW protocol only active when RPM>0
  • enhancement: enable sensor data stream into DSS (use DSS 0.019)
  • added orientation „vertical2“ – flipped vertical
  • DSS optimizations (use DSS 0.019)
  • G-Meter changed: specify two sensor within DSS (lat/long) (use DSS 0.019)
  • TP2 minor enhancement (internal hint: step 8)
  • endian for multistate switch on can transmit for wrong (mixed up little/big endian)
  • added offset/multiply/divide to multiswitch
  • show active license (haldex)
  • haldex activation via license on „standard“ firmware
  • added haldex feedback as small number in multiswitch widget
  • optimized widget selection on touch screen to change sensor and MaxValue
  • reboot gauge from „Sensor Init“ => „Reboot gauge“
  • OBD DTC read/delete optimized – update your obd.cod file to show „P0000 – no errors“


  • change of maximum values (warnings) possible for round widget, overlay, bar chart
  • corrected round overlay selection on screen
  • adjusted „OK“/“Cancel“ position for gear selection
  • changed sensor count warning (widgets get loaded below)
  • canswitch globally disabled for UDS/TP2/BMW/OBD
  • fixed timeouts for TP2.0 which caused connection issues
  • value -0.4 was shown as 0.4
  • added SPEED and RPM for OBD/UDS/TP2 automatically into requested sensors for gear calculation
  • Hide Multiswitch when font=0 (change with DSS v0.018)
  • canswitch finalized and tested Ecumaster v3 and MaxxECU (change with DSS v0.018)
  • corrected support data and engine code readout (UDS)
  • fixed UDS readings from cluster
  • corrected „last used startpage“ in conjunction with DSS (change with DSS v0.018)
  • added momentary button feature (change with DSS v0.018)
  • adjusted round meter selection when touched or selected
  • ringmeter right to left added (make startangle bigger than endangle) (change with DSS v0.018)
  • added display temperature warning
  • fixed DTC code clearings
  • current loaded TRI/TRX file correctly shown in menu
  • added YT diagram (change with DSS v0.018)
  • show missing haldex license in widget
  • fixed widget push to DSS – more reliable
  • further BMW protocol improvements
  • added G-Meter widget (change with DSS v0.018)
  • Gear calculation is shown in „Gear“ menu (set RPM and Speed in „Sensor Init“ correctly upfront
  • Can Switches usable while connected to DSS


  • fixes a bug if TRI list is empty
  • optimized TRI list scrolling
  • fixes a bug when when TRI file selection appears on every restart
  • added version information under „license“
  • TRI list gets filtered (UDS: U-, OBD: O-, TP2: T-, Standalone shows all files)
  • show can bus status in „can bus“ menu

Changelog v3 (Gen1)


  • lowered SD card speed
  • fixed pageswitch with external button (19.09.2023)


  • fixed 32bit (byte length 4) big endian readings
  • fixed LinkECU multistate


  • fixed saving data to SD (widgets/sensors) from DSS and display touch
  • changed naming scheme for firmware
  • use with DSS 0.019


  • fixed OBD2 PIDs supported
  • fixed timeout in OBD2 delete DTC
  • minor OBD2 optimizations
  • fixed analogue sensor readings in main pages – introduced bug with earlier firmware


  • UDS compatibility with other external devices using Can broadcast
  • OMEX integration finalized
  • bugfix VEMS protocol
  • optimized DSS timeout settings
  • optimized autobaro


  • renewed UDS library (use UDS firmware)
  • DTC widget for UDS
  • ringmeter fully enganged when value=warn
  • backlight blend in on start
  • small picture gets mapped to real picture (for DSS0.1_6)
  • remove TRI error to keep current file name
  • bug fix: backlight dim when display is rotated


  • fixed BMW exhaust flap control via Cruise Control „Reset“
  • fixed motec Multiswitch factor
  • change BUZZER time to 250ms
  • TP2.0 optimization
  • fixed fontsize after RPM widget
  • fixed big with lognumber bigger 9


  • added more Motec switches (0x6F2) and 2x Multiswitch (0x6F1)
  • changed motec switches 0x6F0 to correct format
  • shift light by gear (DSS v0.1_6 needed)
  • smoother font in Warning popup
  • BMW clear DTC fixed
  • added BMW DTC widget (type=16)
  • added BMW „ECU lock“
  • BMW exhaust flap always AUTO on start
  • Can Filter for „Preset OBD“ adjusted to BMW protocol
  • RPM widget corrected when display rotated
  • RPM widget will show change colors (maxrpm-3000=yellow, maxrpm-2000=RED)
  • corrected log widget font and touch behaviour when display rotated
  • TP2.0 optimization
  • with TP2.0 firmware only protocol TP2.0 or OFF is allowed (removed OBD)


  • further BMW F-Series optimisations
  • third RPM skin (grey/red)
  • fixed bug in SDdbg
  • changed buzzer handling – external buzzer attached to B7 (plus ground attached to B9)
  • wrong yellow marker with OBD protocol on a analogue sensor
  • lock widget screen: change only sensor or color of the widgets – no more messing around possible
  • improved TRI error handling, when TRI file not found


  • fixed int8_t readings
  • added LinkECU multistate
  • optimized display startup due to SD problems


  • change tiretemp (refresh avg optimized)
  • fixed multistate switches with DSS


  • added 2 MultiState Switche (EMUv3, MaxxECU) – Can Switch type (selectable number of states – up to 16) – simulate 0-5000mV range
  • fixed false touches when changing widgets with UDS/OBD
  • fixed picture search on SD when changing picture widget
  • display removes invalid bmp files when cycling through pictures
  • fixed backlight switch with inout pin


  • added turbospeed to EMUv3 protocol (RPM input)
  • added format=4 IEEE754 float values (set length=4)
  • clean DSS shoutdown => touch usable
  • error with OBD2/UDS: when only a picture is visuable, the display dies
  • Backlight PWM frequency changed (slightly flickered when dimmed)
  • Boost Pin verification
  • SafetyDuty correction bug fix
  • fixed white screen on startup (rarely seen)
  • fixed SD problems
  • fixed usage with DSS + UDS/OBD2


  • EMU EGT stream added
  • fixed offset for AIN1+3


  • fixed display stuck on empty screen when UDS/OBD enabled
  • image upload for DSS
  • DigOut manual override bugfix
  • create missing widget file from DSS

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